A collection of kind words from past and present Oddscene collaborators and patrons. Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed an endorsement – it’s nice to be appreciated!

“With her signature cyborgian, retro-futuristic stop-trick animations, Sonia Vera takes her audiences on a journey into utopian universes of unprecedented pace, otherworldly colourful, and narrative richness. Combining the impact of Natalie Djurberg’s humour with politics of Donna Haraway’s Cyborg manifesto, a cinematic genius of Almodovar with the dynamic force of London’s electronic music culture – Sonia Vera stands out in creating ever more powerful visual joyrides full of wit, eclectic energy and artistic vision. As both a pioneer and a creative force, Sonia Vera is a constant source of inspiration.”

– Oliver Gringich, Musion Das Hologram

“Having worked together for nearly 4 years Oddscene continues to blow my mind at all of our events wherever she performs and she consistently provides a high standard of work – long may the collaborations continue.”

– Callum Simpson, Movimientos

“Keeping to very tight deadlines, ready for any challenge, great in a team and great on her own; Sonia’s work is bold, extravagant and always full of surprises.”

– Saad Eddine Said, Terre Sans Frontier

“Oddscene is incredibly creative, detail-orientated, dedicated and passionate, and is always a real pleasure to work with.”

– Will Phuq, Bad Sekta