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Artwork Portfolio

Oddscene’s artwork encompasses a variety of media, from commercial graphics and typographic design work through to colourfully psychedelic photomontage, digital illustration and collage.

Whether documenting elaborately-costumed photoshoots or producing compelling promotional material and packaging, Oddscene’s ability and confidence always shines through.


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Doll Art Portfolio

Doll art is a work-in-progress based on the modification of children’s dolls and companions, transforming them into characters inspired by the Hammer horror film sagas, classic science fiction space operas, historical epics and Oddscene’s own hybrid characters.

The aim of the project is to complete a total of one hundred modified one-of-a-kind dolls, for display as part of an exhibition travelling around the UK and Europe.


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Moving Image Portfolio

Oddscene works across a diverse range of the moving image, creating live visuals and multimedia installations for events, music videos for an eclectic range of independent labels, credits, title animations, set design, prop-making and more for film, plus pure experimental digital and stop motion animation.


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