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We’re excited to announce the release of four ultra-limited edition art prints by Oddscene, commissioned exclusively for the Bad Sekta record label!

Hand-numbered and signed by the artist, each design is printed on A3 high-quality heavyweight 300gsm board and is limited to 25 copies.

Priced individually at £22.99, Bad Sekta are currently offering free shipping for all UK orders, so please support Oddscene and order one now! You can also click a design below to order or to see more info.

Oddscene - 'Twin Vampiras' (A3 print)

‘Twin Vampiras’ – Two seductively vampiric dolls inspired by the luscious ladies of the Hammer horror films – the perfect gift for the discerning goth in your life! The dolls photographed are from Oddscene’s ongoing ‘Barbiturikas’ project, aiming to complete a collection of one hundred hand-customised B**bies for eventual exhibition.