Tuition and Workshops

Oddscene has over fifteen years hands-on professional experience of the creative and performance sectors and teaches a variety of artistic, creative, design, craft, software, stop-motion animation and puppet character design skills, tailored to suit your needs and abilities.

Lessons can be online or offline, as either one-on-one or group workshops. Contact Oddscene for more details.

Available Tuition

  • Book Design and Desktop Publishing: Adobe InDesign/Adobe Photoshop
  • Graphic Design and Moving Image: Adobe After Effects/Adobe InDesign/Adobe Photoshop/Resolume
  • Stop-Motion Animation

CASE STUDY: Oddscene collaborated with the Melabimbi early age bilingual school in Rome to produce an animated short film, creating and leading a stop-motion workshop with children aged between 4 to 6 years old. The experience was fun and the children learned about the world of animation and movie-making, from scripting to characters and set design to shooting action film, developing team work skills and learning problem-solving by means of technical tasks.

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