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Since 2004, VJ Oddscene has been active working with live video, performing with a variety of musicians and organisations across London, Berlin, Paris, Poland, Morocco and Barcelona. While the global pandemic has greatly impacted the live event circuit, Oddscene is still available for VJ bookings!

Whether performing to tens of thousands at Glastonbury or hundreds in an underground rave in Barcelona or London, Oddscene’s VJ work always blows minds and inspires ideas, weaving a truly unique and highly involving visual journey with carefully crafted bespoke visuals.

Browse this website for more details and endorsements of Oddscene’s work, as well as the Oddscene YouTube channel (opens in new tab).

Please use the form below for enquiries regarding VJ bookings. We are happy to talk in either English, Spanish, Catalan, or Italian and will respond as soon as we’re able.

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